Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Knife Fever

So, remember back in December when I had blogged about my show Twas the Knife Before Christmas with Kill-Her Entertainment and mentioned the show Saturday Knife Fever? Well, now I can finally tell you about the show! This past weekend the company took the show on the road to Sayreville, New Jersey where we performed for a church group having a party at one of the local catering halls. We were excited to perform for a new audience, since the majority of our fan base is from Staten Island. Someone from this group saw the show on Staten Island back in October and requested us to come to Sayreville. Kill-Her Entertainment is used to touring throughout the tri-state area. However, this was my first experience touring with the company. It is always interesting when you perform in a new venue. You really don't know what to expect (like transforming a storage area into the cast dressing room, or instead of having a regular dance call we were forced to adlib the dances during a pre-preshow because five tables have been seated WAY too early). That's what I love about live theatre. You have set blocking, dialogue, choreography....however, you have to be ready for anything and be able to go along with the flow. The show is inspired by the John Travolta classic, Saturday Night Fever. The story takes place at the disco club Odyssey in the 1970s.

The cast of Saturday Knife Fever

My favorite part of the show is the dance contest because I get the opportunity to showcase my choreography (I am the company's choreographer) as well as my dancing skills as Stephanie Marsala. Just like the movie, the Odyssey hosts a dance contest featuring Tony and Stephanie vs. Hector and Rosita. We also incorporate the Night Fever line dance from the movie to open Act II. It is the perfect time for the audience to interact with the cast. We invite them to the dance floor to learn the dance. The night was successful ending with a standing ovasion. I think Kill-Her Entertainment has a new fan base in Sayreville!