Saturday, March 13, 2010

American Cancer Society's 2010 T-shirt Slogan Contest

This past Wednesday I went to St. John's University for the American Cancer Society's Kickoff Celebration for Relay for Life (which is June 11th at Wagner College so mark your calendars). As I was collecting materials I saw this flyer for a T-shirt slogan contest for students in grades K-12. Every year the American Cancer Society holds a anti-smoking campaign contest to bring awareness to the dancers of firsthand and secondhand smoke. Last year the contest was a radio or television commerical. Two years ago, students were ask to create a drawing of why it is important to live a tobacco free life. Twelve students won the contest and had their drawings composed into a calendar. I was asked to judge the contest due to my active involvement with my platform, T.E.A.C.H., and the Tobacco Free Coalition. It was so difficult choosing only twelve pictures because all of them had great messages to promote. I was extremely impressed with the knowledge these kids had about the dangers of smoking.
If you know someone who is in grades K-12 who would be interested in this contest then please take the time to read the flyer above and contact the American Cancer Society for addition information.