Thursday, January 28, 2010

Miss America Preliminary Night Three

My mom and I decided to kick off the day by watching the contestants rehearse for the final night of Miss America. Well...they mainly sat around while the technical crew worked out all the lighting and music cues. However, we did get to see them walk through their blocking for Top 15 Swimsuit Competition and Top 10 Evening Wear Competition. It was an insightful experience to get a chance to see what happens behind the scenes at Miss America.

Tonight's preliminary competition was the best night out of all three preliminaries. That is due to the exceptional hosting skills of Dena Blizzard, Miss New Jersey 1995. The last time I saw her host a pageant was at the Miss New Jersey Pageant this past June. She is absolutely hysterical!!! She created her own little pageant for the judges that turned out to be the highlight of the whole night. She judged them on their ability to "connect with the people" with the waving competition. Next, she judges them on their ability to answer questions. The final competition was based on their dancing abilities. The first runner up was Vivica A. Fox, who received a Las Vegas picture frame with a cut out picture of herself and Dena Blizzard. And the winner was....Rush Limbaugh due to his fantastic dance moves and fist pumping. He could not be crowned Miss America, so he was named Mr. New Jersey instead. Also during the night, Sam Haskell, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Miss America, honored Lynda Mead, Miss America 1960, on her momentous fiftieth anniversary of being crowned Miss America.

Alyse performed her talent tonight and did a great job. She performed a Ballet en Pointe to Christina Aguilera's "Fighter". She looked amazing in her black tutu and pointe shoes. It was a powerful routine that showed off her technique. However, Nicole Blaszczyk, Miss Michigan, won the preliminary talent award for her contemporary dance performance to the song "Lifetime". It was one of the greatest talents I have ever seen grace the Miss America stage. The technique she had during her routine was effortless, especially with her turns, flexibility, and leaps. It was truly a talent you would want to see again (I know I did). CC Barber, Miss Oregon, was the preliminary swimsuit winner. That is a wrap on the 2010 Miss America Preliminaries. Can't wait until Saturday night to see who will be the new Katie Stam!!!!

Claire Buffie, Miss Jubilee 2009 and fellow Miss New York Class of 2009 queen

Kara Jae Kowalski, Miss New York's Outstanding Teen 2009 and Brenna Weick, Miss New Jersey's Outstanding Teen 2009

Ashley Shaffer, Miss New Jersey 2009

CC Barber, Miss Oregon 2009

Nicole Blaszczyk, Miss Michigan 2009