Friday, June 25, 2010

Miss New York-Day Five

Well, the Preliminary competition was upon us. But before we strutted our stuff on stage, we visited the Children's Hospital at the Albany Medical Center. The Albany Medical Center is one of the ten Children's Miracle Network hospitals in New York. We had the opportunity to visit the pediatric ward and a seventeen year old boy named Doug who was injured due to a car accident. The moment that made a powerful impact for me was when we visited a newborn in the NICU. He was only a pound...yes that's right one pound. Seeing this little baby made me think of all of my volunteer/fundraising efforts for CMN. For the past two years, I have been committed to promoting the Children's Miracle Network, raising a total of $5,007 for the organization. Those children make our efforts worth it. To see first hand how influentical we are as spokeswomen for the Children's Miracle Network is absolutely remarkable. We represent those children, who cannot defend themselves against illness. I am honored to be involved with this organization and cannot wait to continue my partnership with CMN in the future.

Several hours and a rehearsal later it was showtime!!! I have never felt so confident and calm during a pageant until tonight. By staying in the right mindset, I completed the night on a high note. I did not win any Preliminary awards, but I felt strong in every phase of competition.

Congratulations to all the Preliminary winners: SWIMSUIT: Claire Buffie and Faren Collins, TALENT: Hannah Wright and Jennifer Scacco, EVENING WEAR: Claire Buffie and Mallory Hagen.

Also, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friends Inga and Hannah!!! We celebrated with cupcakes from Crumbs (which I am guilty of eating...half though).

Visitation was the first opportunity for me to see and talk to my family, friends, and committee. Their feedback was nothing more than positive and supportive. Many people approached me expressing their excitement for me; telling me how much I improved from last year. See, unfortunately I did not make the Top 10 last year...and I was devastated. I left last year's pageant feeling confused and lost. I had put my whole heart and soul into this organization and my platform, and for some reason the judges didn't see it. This past year I used that experience as motivation to not only rise above that adversity, but to also face my fear of history repeating itself. Keeping a clear head, I felt great about everything I had done tonight. I was truly proud of myself; and was looking forward to the final night.