Monday, June 21, 2010

Miss New York Week Begins

Sorry it took me a while to post about my week at Miss New York. I figured that the best way for me to explain each day in detail was to separate them instead of writing one big blog post. So here goes.... At 7:30AM, I drove up to Albany with my parents with one thing on my mind- the excitement and anticipation of pageant week. I had been preparing for this week for a long time (since I became Miss Richmond County to be exact). I was ready to take on the week in full force while remaining positive and focused. Once I arrived at the Empire Commons, the apartments that the contestants lived in for the week, I unpacked my things, said goodbye to my parents, and headed to orientation/lunch with all the contestants. It was great to see all the girls again as we geared up for an unforgettable week.

Our first appearance in Albany was on the Albany Aqua Ducks Tour, a land and sea tour of the history of New York's capital. My favorite part was when we sailed along the Hudson River. After the tour, we went back to the apartments to get ready for dinner. We headed to Angelo's 677 Prime by trolley where we were greeted by the New York State Board of Directors and the local media. I enjoyed probably the BEST sea bass of my entire life! The food was amazing!

Our day concluded with a meeting with Kenny Mack, the Executive Director, and the rest of the board. We discussed the job description of Miss New York, reviewed the schedule for the week, went around the room mentioning how many years each of us has been competing in the Miss America system, and participated in a survey that had interesting results:

~How many girls were born in New York state: 10 out of 2
~How many girls have competed in another state: 4 out of 20
~How many girls are aging out: 7 out of 20
On that note, the board gave each of us a goodie bag filled with Miss New York/Albany memorabilia before heading to bed.