Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Miss New York-Day Three

Today was all about rehearsal...and a little bowling. Our morning started with perfecting the opening number, learning our patterns for swimsuit and evening wear, and working on the production numbers. Lunch was held at the Town 'N Country Lanes where we did a shoot for Art's television show. I was a little nervous about the bowling mainly because...well...I'm not exactly the greatest bowler in the world. Actually, if I could bowl with the bumpers on the lane then I would be in great shape! However, despite my score of 41 (see I told you I wasn't the greatest), I had a lot of fun with the girls. I even got a spare, and I was so proud!

The remainder of the day was spent rehearsing on the stage at the Performing Arts Center at the University of Albany. All I have to say is that the stage looks INCREDIBLE! Rehearsal went so well that Kent let us end early so we could get a good night sleep for tomorrow morning...Interview!!!